Hari’s Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant

Reviewed by Fabian

Hari’s Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant is in the thick of inner Sydney. At 157 Broadway, Ultimo, Hari’s is central for students, shoppers, those on a day out and even some workers from Sydney CBD.

The restaurant offers plenty for diners of various needs (in terms of diet and time). The takeaway options certainly hit the hunger spot and service is speedy. Lunchtime meals are satisfying and allow for a stop over for many nearby students and workers.

For non-vegans, the expanse of the menu is impressive. For a light twist, there are antipasto, teriyaki tofu, vegetable and quinoa and pesto salads. The daily menu includes various vegetable dishes, soup and rice.

The side dishes and deserts are also a point of interest. There are vegan pastries and pizzas, samosas and pakoras. The deserts span cheesecakes, brownies and other sweet delights.

Many students populate Hari’s for busy lunchtimes. The $5 meal deal for students, retrieved from a campus distributed flyer, is the perfect antidote to lunchtime hunger, without letting one slip into gluttony. Nonetheless, prices are reasonable regardless of student discounts and all meals provide value for money.


Today, the curry with the lunchtime student meal deal was fresh and tasty. There were a range of tasty veggies thrown in such as cauliflowers, peas, eggplant and broccoli with papadum and rice on the side.

The ambience at Hari’s is pleasant and the restaurant succeeds through mastering simplicity. The food looked enticing and staff were friendly.

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