Baked Apple Pastries

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Caramel Banana Ice Cream

Banana Caramel Ice Cream 1

I make ice cream A LOT and love experimenting with different flavours, but this is a favourite (I’m usually too busy eating my creations to be bothered photographing them, but this time I made the effort!) Ice cream was something I thought would be the hardest thing to give up when I became vegan, but it turns out I didn’t have to give it up because it’s so easy to make really good vegan ice cream that’s also a much healthier alternative. 

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Ice Cream ‘Cheese’cake

Ice Cream Cheese Cake 1

If you think being vegan means missing out on cheesecake bliss, think again. As a cheesecake enthusiast, I thought when I became vegan I’d just have to suffer without it, but I have happily proved myself wrong! And at the same, I’ve combined it with my other great love – ice cream. This little gem is also somewhat healthier than normal cheesecakes (a fact that made me feel much better about having two slices…)

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Fruit Cake Heaven

Fruit Cake 1

This cake is another case of I-can’t-believe-it’s-vegan. It makes one wonder why on earth you would use butter, eggs, white sugar and white flour when such texture and flavour can be achieved without them! With wholemeal spelt flour, plenty of fruit and minimal amounts of coconut sugar, it’s certainly on the healthy spectrum of the cake scale. Have a second slice…

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