The Green Gourmet – Vegan’s Choice

Green Gourmet is iconic to Newtown’s restaurant strip King St, and it’s been on my list to try for a while now. Particularly the homemade ‘tofu ice-cream’ or tofu-scream.

As the weather became unseasonably warm – I decided to give it a go.

No tofu was harmed in the making of this post**

IMG_3398I ordered the berry flavour and my friend the vanilla. With no refined sugar, dairy and gluten free, no added color and only ‘natural’ ingredients used, I was skeptical.
Not to mention the prices were a little steep: single scoop – $4.50, double – $6.80 and triple $11.60 and there was no ‘try before you buy’.

The variety of flavours was impressive!

The variety of flavours was impressive!

Nonetheless we plunged head first into the tofu-scream and I was pleasantly surprised. The berry certainly beat out the vanilla – with the taste of real berry overpowering the slightly thick tofu aftertaste. The vanilla, being the weaker of flavours was more tofu heavy.

I ended up finishing my single scoop of berry in a cone with a mixture of delight and intrigue as to the process of how you actually turn tofu into a delicious frozen dessert.

I was impressed with the variety of flavours on offer, some like earl grey and rose were definitely pulling the hipster crowd.

Berry in a waffle cone was a winner.

Berry in a waffle cone was a winner.

Vanilla, a bit like straight sweet tofu.

Vanilla, a bit like straight sweet tofu.

Part of Green Gourmet is a vegan food store called Vegan’s Choice – they stocked a bunch of great vegan foods and substitutes for cooking, as well as a freezer with takehome packs of the homemade tofu-scream.

The vegan friendly fridge

All in all I think I would re-visit Green Gourmet for another go at the tofu-scream. I think it works best with stronger flavours, so I would be keen to try out the chocolate.

** The tofu was however, crushed frozen and eaten.

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