Why meat eaters don’t like me, and vegetarians more so

Submitted by Josh

The first bit is pretty boring. Maybe just read the final thoughts.

About three years ago I watched this video of John Safran Foer speaking at The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (www.rsa.org) about his book ‘Eating Animals’.  Foer set out the reasons to be a vegetarian, relying not solely on one argument, instead making holistic case: the suffering, the impact on the earth, health benefits.  He also countered some common arguments – including the one I used to justify eating meat: ‘I would rather live than to die, than never live at all’.  Actually – says Foer – if it was the life most farmed animals live, kill me.  The next day I stopped eating meat.  That my better half was a vego made it a lot easier than it otherwise would have been.

These days I am not a vegetarian.  Today, for example, I was out with the Rural Fire Service and breakfast was catered for.  I asked one of the lovely folks making breakfast what happened to leftovers – they threw ‘em out.  Usually in this situation I would try to doggy bag leftovers and offer them to someone (like a homeless person, or impoverished inner-city university student).  Today though we were 300km north of Timbuktu and it was 5am.  So I waited for everyone to eat.  I waited for everyone to have seconds.  I enjoyed some bacon.  I did not enjoy a sausage.  I eat meat in this way a handful of times a year.

More recently I started eating Oysters and Mussels, having done a bit of research and decided it was probably OK.  With little or probably no suffering, minimal environmental impact.  I would eat oysters or mussels a few times a year.

Occasionally I’ll take a bite of a friends meal, and a couple of times I have just decided to eat some meat because I am not as strong as I should be (this is also the reason I eat more mass produced dairy than I should).

Final Thoughts

  1. People that think of things as absolutes are always wrong.
  2. Whenever you think you really want meat, you’re just hungry.  Eat anything and that feeling fades away.
  3. This same learning can be applied to monogamous relationships.
  4. Listen to this song, it. is. beautiful.

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