Zoe’s Vegan Challenge: Food Diary

Vegan Challenge Food Diary

Plain pasta, (which was even gluten free) with steamed veggies, five bean mix and whole grain mustard…. Delicious.
An apple
Mash potato (diary free!), veggies, mixed beans and hummus.

Beans - filling and somewhat delicious.

Beans – filling and somewhat delicious.

Canned spaghetti on toast
Milk-less tea, also known as black tea.
Lentil burger patty with beetroot, cucumber, grated carrot and hummus.
Mexican spiced bean mix and mixed salad on a sundried tomato tortilla wrap.
Cookie – slip-up alert, delicious homemade choc chip, slighty on the chewy side cookies.

‘Wot No Dairy?’ “yoghurt” – made of cultured pea protein.
Salad sandwich (sans the cheese!)
Mixed nuts and sultanas.
Black tea.
Orange, melon, kiwifruit.
Tomato and chickpea pasta.

Cultured pea protein...

Cultured pea protein…

Lentil pattie burger.
Fruit salad.
Tofu sausage – strangely not sausage like.

Avocado with squeezed lemon on toast
Pineapple and orange frappe from Hoochie Mama’s in Newtown.
Hot chips and salad.
Saffron rice, chickpeas and veggies.
Black tea.

Toast with vegemite.
Black tea.
Barrocca (hangover)
Pasta, grated carrot, mixed bean, steamed veggies.
Orange, melon, kiwi fruit.

Newly vegan - this was a strange combo...

Newly vegan – this was a strange combo…

Black tea.
Potato gems, roasted tomato, toast.
Pasta with tomato-y basil sauce.


6 thoughts on “Zoe’s Vegan Challenge: Food Diary

  1. Wow Zoe, well done on completing that! I think I would curl up into a ball and cry if someone told me I couldn’t have meat, cheese, and milk for an entire week!!!!

    • I think the underlying ethic of the raw food diet is ‘overcooked’ – check out Dr Katz article at the Huff http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-katz-md/raw-food-diet_b_2015598.html – I agree that it can be quite healthy and it does indeed eliminate a lot of the trans fats that go along with your average Aussie diet of meat and 3 veg. But ultimately the raw food diet, or ones that still advocate for consuming meat and animal products, doesn’t take into consideration sustainability or ethical issues – one of our key concerns – so I think it would be difficult for me to justify over a balanced vegan diet.

      I think veganism is certainly more accessible as a diet for the city dweller than those who live in regional areas, where substitutes for meat and other animal products are rare. But big chain supermarkets like Coles and Woollies are coming on board with alternate diets, it is becoming more accessible. Check out our vegifact here for more info on how other Australian cities stack up against each other: https://tobeanornottobe.wordpress.com/2013/10/13/439/

  2. Well done Zoe on braving the college salad bar and going for vegan-only options all week! That whole-grain mustard on pasta certainly wouldn’t have been easy to stomach with everyone cheesing it up around you.

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