Why Vegetarian Story

Submitted by Rebecca

I’ve been vegetarian for just under three years now and, since I began, I have literally never considering going back to eating meat. I don’t ever miss it, and I’ve all but forgotten how it tastes.

When I started out being vegetarian, it was mainly difficult because few of my friends were vegetarians, and at dinner parties or eating out with shared meals I often felt awkward. However, I’m very used to it now, and many of my friends have since adopted vegetarian diets, so it’s much easier to cater for everyone.

Being vegetarian has also made me a better and more creative cook. I am a keen experimenter with different vegetables and other ingredients. I love nothing more than being told “I didn’t even realise this didn’t have meat in it!” by my carnivorous housemates.

I’ve tried going vegan a couple of times but always ended up going back to dairy. However, I’ve just started my third attempt at veganism— maybe this will be the one that lasts!


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