Why Vegan Story

Submitted by Calyce

Being a vegetarian has always made sense to me, but being a vegan? Why not eat an animals produce, it doesn’t hurt the animal, nothing died, what’s the problem?

This was my thought process until last year when I spent some time on a farm and discovered just how ignorant I had been. I was shocked to discover the truth behind the milk industry, the almost constant state of pregnancy for the cows and the sad fate for most of the calves.

After going dairy free for a few months, I plucked up the courage to look into the egg industry and what defined ‘free range’- with shocking overcrowding, debeaking and a limited 18 month life span. Needless to say, eggs just didn’t taste the same.

Being vegan to me is about compassion and recognising the problems in farming and the inhumane treatment of animals. Whilst there is an awfully long road ahead, I feel with sites like these and other passionate individuals, there is definitely change in the air.


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