The Challenge

The vegan challenge was an interesting week for me. It definitely had its challenges and
triumphs – but I came out of it knowing that if I decided to go full on vegan I could, the
issue would be will power.



The other issue would be living on campus – in a catered residence, there’s little to no choice on what meals you are served, let alone the choice of unpopular vegan dishes. It also made substituting certain foods difficult, and often I would just leave the animal product part out.

I stumbled across this post on XOJane – Cheap, Easy Vegan Meals for When You Want to Die – it just resonated you know…?

For me, my daily food schedule revolves mostly around 5 cups of tea a day, with a splash of milk. I have never quite liked the bitterness of black tea, so a week of black tea meant I unintentionally cut back to one cup – that’s all my taste buds would allow. So I cut back on caffeine too, no tea, no coffee. A key to unlocking these things would have been to substitute for almond or rice milk (I severely dislike soy!)

Never having been obsessed with eating meat at every meal, or even once a day – though I was in the habit of having red meat once or twice a week – but there was no issue in working around it. I am prone to iron-deficiency however, but eating so much greenery beefed up that part of my diet.

This was excruciatingly painful to give up. That doesn’t quite explain the soul destroying process that was my week without cheese, but I don’t think anything else will.

The temptation to eat my friend’s homemade mouthwatering choc-chip cookies was too much, and I caved – once. Which was pretty good, considering we live together and she had just made them in bulk and kept saying “Nobody will know”.

I’m pretty proud of myself for holding out (mostly) until the end of the week – I am disappointed that I know it will be just too easy to slip into old habits. But I think the key for me is to keep trying different substitutes. With access to a kitchen and my own groceries next year, I think that becoming vegan is a definite possibility.


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