Badde Manors

Badde Manors is a classic inner West cafe. It’s in trendy Glebe, perched on the corner of the first block of Glebe Pt. Road, and has several outdoor tables as well as indoor seating and a courtyard section adorned with band posters.

We were sitting at the empty table in the centre of this photograph! Image courtesy of Two Tasty Sins.

Although I’ve walked past Badde Manors countless times, I’ve never actually eaten there before. However, many meatless friends have spoken highly of this vegetarian joint— particularly its breakfast options— so I thought I’d check it out.

The obvious choice was the ‘Big Vegan Breakfast’. I stupidly forgot to take a photograph of the breakfast until after I had eaten it, so I’ve found this photo that includes the majority of the Big Vegan Breakfast components:

A breakfast that resembles the breakfast I ate at Badde Manors.
Image courtesy of Foodspotting.

The Badde Manors vegan breakfast included toast, tomato, avocado, baked beans, spinach, mushrooms, pumpkin and scrambled tofu. It was a delightful combination, with each ingredient not necessarily outstanding on its own, but great when combined with all of the other vegetable-y goodness on my plate.

Special mention to the Badde Manors baked beans, which I LOVED despite not being a big baked beans person in general.

The only aspect of the breakfast I took issue with was the scrambled tofu, which was more like stir-fried cubes of tofu. I still ate it— but not the few limp pieces of capsicum they appeared to have been cooked with.


This is how much I enjoyed my breakfast.

I was definitely satisfied post-meal, with both my hunger and my taste buds satiated. However, the best thing about the big vegan breakfast was value for money. It cost $12.50 all up— pretty damn good considering the variety of sides and the location of Badde Manors.

I also opted for an Earl Grey tea with soy milk which set me back $3.50— pretty standard for a tea at a Sydney cafe. It’s pretty hard to screw up tea, but Badde Manors gets extra points for having loose leaf tea and serving in a large pot that got me through more than three cups. It gets the thumbs up all round!

Check out their website here.

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One thought on “Badde Manors

  1. Their soy chai tea is pretty super too – very gingery and rich. Probably worth requesting ‘no honey’ if you’re vegan though just in case, given that it isn’t sweetened with sugar.

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