Why Vegetarian Story

Submitted by Kerry

44 years ago I was hitching a ride to Melbourne (this was back in the days when in the 60s women were able to do such things).

It really was that old cliché…as follows!

On the way to Melbourne, the lorry driver actually pulled into a small farm/abattoir to pick up some paper work.

I can remember vividly the smell of fear from the animals!

They were young bulls/possibly cows.

The most vivid thing was the look in their eyes!

I actually nearly passed out and the Truckie laughed at my response but very kindly helped me back into his lorry.

When we arrived in Melbourne I vowed that I would never eat animals again. And I never have and never will!

I also made sure that I brought my two children up as vegetarians. I thought when they are older they can then choose their own diet, but I am pleased to say they are not only life vegetarians but they are both now vegans.  

I wish I could say that I became a vegetarian from a less terrible experience. I wish I could have just known about animal suffering without actually having to see it with my own eyes. I wish I could have made that decision from just knowing that this is the diet that creates the least amount of suffering.

Anyway…well I know that now!

I am so grateful to be a vegetarian.



2 thoughts on “Why Vegetarian Story

  1. Thank you for enjoying my story Von Bon …
    I think I will have to reduce my work hours so that I can start trying to cook all of Graces amazing recipes…
    I have lost some kilos trying to be more vegan….
    I think about animals suffering a lot more!
    I love them…
    They have consciousness…
    Like us!
    What’s the big difference?
    If we don’t eat each other!
    Why eat them????


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