Our first user vegan challenge – Ellen Warner

Ellen had fun on the vegan challenge

Ellen had fun on the vegan challenge

We encountered Ellen doing our vegan vox-pops. She promised us she would take on the vegan challenge and go vegan for a week. She did so whilst training for a half marathon.

Here’s what she had to say about it…

The Vegan challenge has been interesting and provided me with great insight into those individuals choosing this lifestyle.

Thus far it has been surprisingly easy, apart from replacing chicken with tofu and having to actually read the back of labels to find out what products use chicken stock (such a pain as its in everything) its been pretty easy!

Substitutes are available for pretty much everything, pasta etc. and as I’m lactose intolerant anyway soy milk wasn’t a drama, but not having eggs or fish has been the hardest part.

Have been consuming a lot of nuts, fruit, vegetables and brown rice. I partake in a few competitions and athletic charity events so I thought being vegan would be a lot harder but eating things such as Kale and lots more beans has made it easy. But I find you never feel full as you would from eating meat.

I’ve always considered going vegetarian. done it once before and I now I’ve tried all the options probably going to give it a crack! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try it.


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