Basil Pizza & Pasta

Reviewed by Grace

My review of this joint could be ridiculously simple and go a little something like this:

Vegan. Lots. Yum. Go.

But perhaps this is taking minimalism too far. And I’m happy to elaborate about any restaurant that is not strictly vegetarian or vegan but still has a large vegan section (no less than 15 vegan pizzas).

I like these sorts of places because they’re a good compromise. Vegans can take carnivore friends (or is it frenemies?) and vice versa, and no-one looses.

I was initially dubious about Basil Pizza & Pasta because other reviews of it weren’t great, but I for one heartily enjoyed my meal and was thrilled about the extensive and exciting vegan pizzas available. Admittedly, I am easily excited by mock meat and good soy cheese.

basil pizza

Animal Lovers

Strategically, I went with an ex-meateater and cheese enthusiast, their taste buds being vital for two reasons:

1. I have never eaten meat so I can’t compare a vegan ‘meat’ pizza with a real meat pizza.

2. I suspect I’ve been vegan for long enough that I’ve become sensitised to vegan cheese and can no longer critically compare it with real cheese.

Hence, with some authority can I say the vegan ham, pepperoni and bacon works VERY well, and you’d be hard-pressed to notice that the cheese did not come courtesy of a cow, goat or sheep.

basil pizza 2

Roast Pumpkin

We had the Animal Lovers pizza (ham, pepperoni, bacon, smoked tofu, sun-dried tomato with barbecue sauce) and the Roast Pumpkin (with spinach, roasted red capsicum, pine nuts and garlic) and if we weren’t about to miss a movie we would have readily ordered more.

My friend – who misses meat on occasion – was visibly thrilled to be able to partake of vegan Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Mexicano and Capricciosa pizzas, and was not dissatisfied with the taste.

For those who are freaked out by mock meat, fear not – there are lots of vegetable based pizzas.

There is also pasta and salad on the menu that’s vegan, but as far as I’m concerned, there’s no need to look beyond the pizzas.

basil pizza 1

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