Lord of the Fries

Reviewed by Grace

Anyone who thinks vegetarian and vegan food is all about boringly healthy fruit, veg and tofu, hasn’t been to Lord of the Fries. A herbivore’s answer to all things laden in grease and over-flowing with carbs, one might call Lord of the Fries the Mecca of meat-free fast food.

The Melbourne institution has recently landed smack-bang in the heart of Sydney on George Street (thanks be – I no longer have to make bi-annual trips to Melbourne to get my fix), and, if the queues are anything to go by, it has already developed a cult following amongst vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.


On offer are a range of burgers and hotdogs – indeed, my companion informed me that his “Toronto dog” tasted just like the ones he used to get on the street in Canada. This is not your standard veggie-patty-with-lettuce fare; from the “Parma Burger” to the “Spicy Burger” to the “Big Mark Burger,” Lord of The Fries has something to satisfy even the most cynical of carnivores.


But don’t stop at a piece of “meat” slapped between bread – there’s also “chicken” nuggets, chili poppers, onion rings and, of course, their famous fries which come in classic, chunky or sweet potato. Plus they have a large selection of international sauces to slather on your fries and nuggets: American BBQ, Belgian mayo, Indian chutney, African mayo + ketchup, French Canadian cheese + gravy, Malaysian sweet chili + sour cream – to name just a few.

The food is 100% vegetarian, but most of their range can be “veganised.” Meat is made from soy and textured protein (plus secret spices), and there are gluten free options. They’re even kosher and halal.

Lord of the Fries is not what you’d call haute cuisine, but for a quick, satisfying treat it hits the spot. A welcome addition to George Street – thanks Melbourne!

Check out their website here.

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3 thoughts on “Lord of the Fries

  1. Every review I read about Lord of the Fries sounds awesome. So glad they’re in NSW now. Now, if only they would add more locations πŸ™‚

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