Your writers…

Name: Grace
Age: 24
Diet: Vegan (for last 8 months), vegetarian (or 23 years, 4 months)
Favourite veg: kale (picking only 1 under duress…)

Media and Communications student by day and vegan cook extraordinaire by night, Grace also loves books, film, being suspended underwater, medieval history, and yelling at politicians when they’re on the radio. An environmentalist and animal lover, for Grace veganism was an inevitable lifestyle choice. She loves nothing more than experimenting in the kitchen, and couldn’t live without her food processor and ice-cream maker. Grace admits to daydreaming whilst at uni about what to cook for dinner and likes visiting Melbourne just to eat.

Name: Lane
Age: 21
Diet: Meat eater, 1992-2012, guilty meat eater, 2012- Feb 2013, Genuinely terrible vegetarian Feb 2013-present.
Favourite vegetable: Broccoli

Lane was a happy meat eater until she began dating a vegetarian, who caused her to feel guilty about many of her unethical life choices. Since splitting up, Lane has actually attempted vegetarianism (much to the chagrin of her ex-girlfriend) but, for one reason or another, finds it difficult to get through the week without accidentally consuming meat. An avid consumer of media but genuinely terrible student, Lane thinks of herself as a writer, but in all honestly probably spends more time talking about how she should be writing than actually writing. She loves Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, tweeting inane things and sporting a casual bow tie on the weekends.

Name: Fabian
Age: 20
Diet: atrocious
Favourite vegetable: Celery

Fabian is a carnivorous wreck. He happily consumes meat in an indiscriminate manner. Chicken, fish, small cows, big cows, pigs and lamb are a few of the animals which Fabian derives his diet. Nonetheless, Fabian thinks all of the top-of-the-food-chain triumphalism is simply his passion for food. He just loves having a good feed, whether it involve vegetables or not.

Name: Zoe
Age: 21
Diet: Omnivorous, but mostly cheese.
Favourite vegetable: Pumpkin

Zoe is a part-time vegetarian and a full-time cheese addict. The thought of a world without cheese is a thought that Zoe never wants to think. A regular day for Zoe includes at least three types of cheese. Yet to come across any food she will not eat, except coriander, Zoe is the perfect dinner party guest. She loves all animals (especially cats), shiny things, techy things, cheesey things and winey things. An abysmal media student, Zoe hopes she can one day get paid to watch TV. In her spare time Zoe loves to hang out with her two dogs, ride her bicycle, make cheesecakes and rally feminism with her pals.


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