Tips/Resources for The Vegan Challenge

From a recently converted vegan…

Foods to embrace:

  • beansBeans (in all their glory and variety).
  • Nuts (as a snack or blended into nut butter).
  • Tofu and tempeh. Bland as is – you MUST cook well and eat with delicious sauce or marinade. If you’re an egg fiend try scrambled tofu – great with mushrooms and spinach).
  • FRUIT and VEGETABLES are actually amazing! And versatile! Raw, stir fried, baked, steamed…with rice, bread, pasta, beans…sauce concoctions…The possibilities are endless.
  • Non-dairy milk. I have coffee with soy milk, muesli with oat or rice milk, I bake with almond milk, cook with coconut milk and make ice-cream with quinoa
    milk. Go wild.


  • Mock meat – available in supermarkets,Coyo but for more choice head to an Asian grocery or health food store.
  • Soy cheese is not at all bad, although often not brilliant eaten on it’s own,
    it still does the trick on pasta or pizza.
  • Coconut yoghurt – available from health food shops.
  • Soy ice cream or, even better, coconut ice-cream.
  • For baking use flax/chia eggs, Nuttlex, Tofutti, coconut oil and non-dairy milk. Easy.
  • Dark chocolate.


Places to shop:

  • Health food isle and freezer section of the supermarket.
  • ANY fruit and veg shop!
  • Dr. Earth in Newtown
  • The Cruelty Free Shop in Glebe
  • Asian supermarkets – IGA in China Town has an extensive range of mock products – frozen, cold, canned and dried.

Places to eat:

  • Pretty much any Asian restaurant is vegan friendly – get a tofu/veg dish.
  • Turkish/Middle Eastern is also great – dips, falafel, bread, salads, dolmades…
  • In Newtown go to:
  • Newly opened in Sydney on George St. (but a Melbourne institution) is Lord of the Fries – a vegan’s answer to fast food!
  • Indian is great for veg options (just beware of ghee…) – Maya Vegetarian in Surry Hills and Hari’s Vegetarian on Broadway are vegan friendly.
  • In Glebe, Badde Manors is of course an institution…
  • About Life in Rozelle and Bondi Junction (a supermarket and cafe).
  • Ungaro Raw in Rozelle.
  • Cow and Moon in Enmore and Messina both have divine sorbets.
  • Most cafes and restaurants in the Inner West have vegan options or will amend something for you.

Ungaro RawLOTF 2

Food blogs to visit for inspiration:



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